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Tuition for 2020-2021 School Year: Dance Classes for Kids

Zoom Dance Classes at All That Jazz

Registering for Classes during the Coronavirus Pandemic

We want to assure families that All That Jazz will be running classes come fall.   Whether these classes will need to start on Zoom or in person at the studio or some hybrid of both options, that is yet to be determined.  

We are giving families the option of securing your space in class with the $25.00 non-refundable registration fee until June 30th.  For our current families who have purchased recital tickets, you will have a full refund credit on your account that will also be applied to next year's registration.

In addition, we will not be raising our tuition prices for the 2020-2021 school year.  

Street Jazz dance class at All That Jazz for ages 8-10


  45 Minute Class/week- $520.00

One Class Hour/week- $695.00

1 1/4 Class Hour/week- $850.00

1 ½ Class Hours/week- $1,000.00

Two Class Hours/week- $1,315.00

2 1/4 Class Hours/week- $1,460.00

2 ½ Class Hours/week-$1,600.00

Three Class Hours/week- $1,895.00

3 1/4 Class Hours/week- $2,025.00

3 ½ Class Hours/week-$2,135.00

Four Class Hours/week- $2,420.00

4 1/4 Class Hours/week- $2,555.00

4 1/2 Class Hours/week- $2,680.00

Five Class Hours/week- $2,950.00

5 1/4 Class Hours/week- $3,080.00

5 1/2 Class Hours/week- $3,210.00

Six Class Hours/week- $3,465.00

(Each subsequent hour/week maxes out at an additional $525.00)

8 Week Summer Sessions-$180.00

12 week Session classes- $250.00

Learn to dance at one of our amazing dance classes for kids at All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton!  Our dance lessons are focused on proper technique while still fostering all of our students' self-esteem.

3 year old Pre-Ballet/Tap dancer at local dance school in newton

The Fine Print- All That Jazz Dance Studio

•The above discounts are only applicable per child and may not be combined within a family.  Tuition is based on dance lessons running for the school year in Newton.  There is also a $25.00 registration fee for each child.  If there are more than 2 children in a family, only the first 2 children pay a registration fee. 
•To reserve a spot in one of our dance classes for kids, please pay the full tuition amount payable to All That Jazz Dance Studio, plus the non-refundable registration fee of $25.00.  (Payment plans are available per approval of Deb.)  

•Registration is available via our Parent Portal.  

•The bill for the 2021 recital costume fee, ranging from $65.00-$75.00, will be sent in December.
•Registration is binding and each registered student is committing to enrollment for the entire school year.  After August 1st through the first week of classes, only 75% of the payment will be returned should a child drop their class.

Musical Theater dancers at All That Jazz in Newton

Policies- All That Jazz Dance Studio

•The full tuition payment is due upon registration. The full non-refundable costume fee will be billed and due in December.

•The $25.00 registration fee is due with registration and is non-refundable.

•Refund Policy: After August 1 through the first week of classes, 75% of tuition will be refunded.  After the second week of dance lessons, 50% of tuition will be refunded.  After the third week of classes, 25% of  tuition will be refunded. After the fourth week of classes, no refunds will be given.  These policies apply even if a student is on a payment  plan.  Should more money be owed and the student drops out, parents are still responsible for any outstanding balance.  There is no prorating of tuition for any reason whatsoever.  By enrolling in class, students are automatically signed up for the entire school year and are responsible for all tuition and costume fees.

•No refunds are given for missed classes either due to student absence, snow days, holidays or any other school closures.  Students are encouraged to make up classes by taking any additional class that is at an appropriate level and age group.

•The  studio follows the Newton Public School schedule for holidays, vacations, snow days and all other closures.  In the event of a storm occurring after-school hours, please check our Facebook and Instagram pages for cancellation information.  Any other class cancellations or early closings are noted on the studio calendar. 

•Studio Showcase Week is tentatively the week of December 7th, the last week before the winter break.

•Looking for different options for dance classes for kids? Learn to dance at one of our private lessons!  $70.00/hour (strict 24-hour cancellation policy)