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Testimonials for dance classes for kids at All That Jazz Dance Studio

20 Years of All That Jazz Dance Studio: 1998-2018

In honor of the 20th anniversary of All That Jazz Dance Studio, a very special group of 13 year old students organized a HUGE surprise for Miss Deb Vogel, the Director and Founder of All That Jazz in Newton.  Here is what they presented her at the recital:

"Eva:  Since this is the 20th year of dance lessons at All That Jazz, we decided to celebrate by making a special gift for you.

Emma:  Miss Deb, you are so kind, thoughtful, generous and so much more.  Without All That Jazz and the support from Miss Deb and the teachers, none of us would be the people we are today.

Lily:  Therefore, we decided to make a book to show you how much the whole community loves you, the studio and all the dance classes for kids.  Thank you to all who contributed to make this project happen.

Molly:  This book is filled with short and long paragraphs from almost every student and faculty member at All That Jazz.  And a special thanks for Miss Lindsay for all of her help!

Gabby:  From everyone at All That Jazz to you, we would like to say a big thank you for all the hard work and dedication you have put into the studio for the past 20 years."

Miss Deb Vogel opened All That Jazz Dance Studio in 1998. We had so much fun celebrating our 20th!

Excerpts from the 20th Anniversary Book

In our students' (past and present!) own words

"Deb, You and your dance studio came into my life right after I had been blessed with my first taste of joyful movement and was hungry for more dance lessons.  Luckily, my smart parents found you, and it feels like divine timing.  To have that kind of a haven, a safe space to learn and grow among friends, and with the loving support of a teacher-turned- mentor and friend, is a true gift.  Especially during those high school years that can be so difficult.  I tear up just thinking about and trying to articulate just what you and All That Jazz meant to me, and all of us, at that time in our lives.  It is therefore especially gratifying to see you going on two decades strong, and to see how many, many more lives you and your studio have touched and continue to each day.  In my adult years, even during times when we haven't been in touch much, you are a constant source of inspiration and support and I love that we have recently reconnected more.  I loved getting to grow up with you and All That Jazz.  I love your joy, your compassion, drive, dedication, generosity, mentorship and friendship.  Thank you for being YOU and for being there for us.  I love you, Deb!  Congratulations on this beautiful milestone!

~Love, Light, and Gratitude, Emily (Class of 2003)"

"Dear Miss Deb, Congratulations on 20 years of bringing immense joy to our lives!  Thank you for creating a space that is always there for me at the end of the day.  I know I can count on dance to lift me up no matter what.  Thank you for testing us physically and mentally, providing us with invaluable emotional support throughout the year, and always encouraging us to smile and have fun!!

~Love, Hayden" (Class of 2018)

"I Love All That Jazz because it's an amazing place where I've met some of my best friends and favorite teachers!!  All That Jazz has taught me how to be confident and have fun while still working hard and being a part of a team.  I'm so grateful for Miss Deb and how she taught me that with practice and effort, I can accomplish anything.  I miss All That Jazz and all the people in Newton there all the time, and I am so happy I got to grow up in a studio with incredible women doing incredible things!!

~Anastasia (Class of 2017)"

"I love All That Jazz because I've always loved dance.  The dance classes for kids are super fun here because the dance teachers are really fun and nice and I love dancing in the costumes on stage at the recital.  I'm always really happy when my dance class comes.  I really love All That Jazz!

~Maddie (age 10)"

"I love All That Jazz because of the kind people.  The teachers and students are all wonderful.  If you mess up, no one judges you or pressures you.  They will only lend you a helping hand to you.  It is special to me because through it I have evolved very much.  Once I didn't think I could dance, now I know I can and I am a much more confident person.

~Caroline (age 13)"

"The disco ball is fun when we dance with it.  It is fun when we have studio sleep-unders and when we have a dance party.  Happy anniversary Miss Deb!

~Rachel (age 8)"

"I love All That Jazz because it gets my wiggles out and it improves your balance and everything about dance.

~Evan (age 7)"

"I love All That Jazz because I get to express my feelings.

~Leah (age 5)"

"I love All That Jazz because it is fun!  Miss Deb is very kind!

~Charlotte (age 3)"

"20 Years of All That Jazz:"  Anniversary Book created by All That Jazz students for Miss Deb Vogel

"20 Years of All That Jazz:"  Anniversary Book created by All That Jazz students for Miss Deb Vogel

Testimonials from parents

Ballet/Tap class at All That Jazz in Newton

Kristine, Parent of a 13 year old

Thank you for another great year!! Julie loves dance and loves being at your dance studio. All she wants to do is take more classes and spend more time there because she loves dance and she loves the atmosphere that you create during her dance lessons.  I pick her up and watch her walk out confidently and sometimes get misty eyed because I am so grateful that she has this safe haven where she can go and have fun and forget all her worries. It has been such a life saver for her. She will turn on music at home and just dance.  I can't tell you how grateful I am for your dance classes for kids. 

Performing at The Street Chestnut Hill, dancers from All That Jazz

Christian, Parent of 6 and 8 year old girls

"I just wanted to write you a quick note to say why All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton is so important to us...  The recital was simply incredible from a choreography and programming standpoint. I know it's for fun, and I know it's for them to be in a safe, supportive, caring environment. But in it all, we can't forget that it's hard work, it takes practice and dedication, and in your dance classes for kids, they learn to love their work. I'm so proud of my girls and for them to be in your program. You're teaching them exactly what we value in our home.
Renee and I spend a lot of time thinking about and grooming our daughters for the world they are growing up in, and you are a HUGE part of what I think we're doing right to prepare them for it.
With love and appreciation for you, your staff, Todd, and the extended family that is All That Jazz, thank you from the bottoms of our hearts."

Ballet/tap class with Miss Ellen Frank

Sarah, Parent of a 7 year old

"Wow! What an incredible day it was yesterday.  Every year I am just completely blown away by how incredible the All That Jazz Dance Studio recitals are. Of course I love watching Ellie, and this year especially loved seeing Ellie and Bob dance together, but I'm also just so impressed by all of the other dancers and your amazing faculty.  

Seeing the 21 young people getting ready to graduate from High School and head off to the next stage of their lives, embolden by the skills and confidence they've gained from dancing with you over the years is beyond impressive. 

Seeing young women with all body types embracing their strength, flexibility and looking so self-assured is nothing short of a miracle in today's world of body shaming and an overwhelming sense from the media of what we "should" look like. 

I love that Ellie has those girls to look up to, to be the assistants in her dance lessons and that they form her vision of what a dancer is- someone who LOVES to dance.

I can't believe you've been doing this for 20 years, and I hope that you'll continue for the next 20, 40, 60... 

Being a part of the All That Jazz community is a true gift for our family.

Thank you for everything you give of yourself to ensure the success of these awesome dance classes for kids.

With so much love and admiration."

Jen, Parent of a 3 year old

Jennifer, Parent of a 14 year old

Jennifer, Parent of a 14 year old

Pre-Ballet/Tap class with Miss Ellen Frank

"I just wanted to take a minute to tell you how impressed I am with my daughter’s class and All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton as a whole.  

Miss Ellen is amazing!!  It is incredible to see what she has done with the group in her wonderful dance classes for kids.  She is excellent with the kids and has them all dancing and enjoying their dance lessons!  I am so pleased!  I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings (and of course the recital!)"

Jennifer, Parent of a 14 year old

Jennifer, Parent of a 14 year old

Jennifer, Parent of a 14 year old

Outdoor performances at All That Jazz Dance Studio in newton

I just have to let you know how incredibly impressed, moved, wowed I was at the recitals on Sunday in Newton. 

FIRST of all I can't believe what you do as an educator in all aspects of these dance lessons. You and your dance studio staff are incredible. 

The level of dancing, professionalism, enjoyment of the art in the kids was so impressive. Then the mechanics of the recitals. They were so smooth. The organization and effort that must have gone into that-I can't begin to imagine. 

Then of course the heart and dedication of you to the kids and vice versa. Plus your skills as a business owner. And of course your incredible talent as a dancer. Just blown away.

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Ballet/Tap class with Miss Erin At All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton

All That Jazz in Newton is a wonderful dance studio for kids of all ages. Both my daughters take dance lessons there, and love it!  The teachers are talented, enthusiastic, and caring. There are dance classes for kids in many different dance styles for both beginners and experienced dancers. The kids have fun, gain confidence, and put together impressive performances for the end-of-year recital. I highly recommend All That Jazz!

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All That Jazz Dance Studio is a terrific studio and has been a wonderful experience for my daughter. The instructors are kind and energetic. The director is fantastic-knowledgeable, organized, responsive, and very dedicated to encouraging all of her young dancers, from beginners (of any age!) to the more experienced. I was blown away by the range of dance styles and the quality of dances at the recitals. Also it is clear that the students are having so much fun. Highly recommend these dance classes for kids in Newton.

Hip Hop dance class with Miss Heather Myers at All That Jazz in Nonantum

Facebook Review

"The Best of the Best! If you want a Dance Studio that cares just as much about Dance Technique and the well being of their students, then you’ve come to the right place. 

The Owner Deb has carefully hand selected each Dance Teacher, not only due to their impressive resumes, but because of their true love of the Art of Dance and wanting to spread their knowledge to children of all ages. Deb has “kept up with the times” while keeping it classy! I like to call her dancers “Sassy & Classy”! 

Her students can show off their amazing dance skills while being in tasteful costumes! Deb’s Dancers come in all shapes and sizes and each one is featured equally. Deb encourages each Dancer to be themselves, keep smiling and have fun!

 I’m grateful for this Studio, Miss Deb, Miss Ellen & the Entire Staff!  Don’t Stop Dancing!  I’m a Mom who’s daughter is in this studio in Newton. I grew up in the “Dance Field”. I drive from Wayland to have my daughter be part of this Studio. It’s very hard to find a well-rounded Dance Center where the Teachers truly care!"