Dress Code for All That Jazz

Where to shop?

As a value added service, All That Jazz Dance Studio is pleased to be partnering with Discount Dance Supply to offer a full range of clothing and shoes at a discounted price.  

Place an order online any time throughout the year at www.discountdance.com.   Students and parents can click on the Dance Teacher Program tab and  under the "Are you a student" category enter our code 58552.  Specific items have been selected by Miss Deb for easy, no hassle shopping or feel free to purchase other items as well!

All clothing and shoes may also be purchased at Capezio in Wellesley and Dancers Image in Newton.  All That Jazz dancewear is also always available for purchase at the studio. 

What to buy? ( For younger students)

Fairy Princess Dance and Creative Movement:  pink ballet slippers, pink tights, leotard and ballet skirt (optional)  of any color; boys should wear black ballet slippers, black dance pants and fitted t-shirts
Pre-Ballet/Tap/Musical Theater (ages 3-6):  pink ballet slippers and black patent leather tap shoes with tap  elastics*, pink tights, leotard, and optional ballet skirt of any color.
Ballet/Tap/Jazz:  either pink ballet slippers or black jazz shoes (parents can then buy  the other pair if necessary for the show later in the year), black tap shoes, tank leotard of any color, pink tights and optional ballet skirt and black jazz pants (or leggings)
Jazz/Tap (under the age of 12):  black oxford jazz shoes and black patent leather tap shoes with tap elastics* (or black oxford tap shoes), leotard of any color, black or tan tights, and/or black jazz pants (or leggings)

What to buy? (For older students)

Jazz, Street Jazz, Musical Theater and JazzSwing (12 year olds and up): black oxford jazz shoes, fitted tank tops and black jazz pants (or leggings) 

Tap (12 year olds and up): black tap oxfords, fitted tank top and black jazz pants (or leggings) 

Ballet (over the age of 9): pink ballet slippers, tank leotard, pink tights and ballet skirt (optional) 

Hip Hop (under the age of 12): black oxford jazz shoes, tank leotard and loose fitting dance pants 

Hip Hop (12 year olds and up): black oxford jazz shoes and any kind of loose fitting dance pants with fitted shirts (tank tops preferred) 

Lyrical, Modern and Contemporary: fitted tank top and black jazz pants (or leggings), bare feet or "foot undies"

The dress code for All That Jazz Dance Studio is mandatory and students are expected to abide by it.  It is important to "look the part" of a dancer, as this will set all students in the right frame of mind before they even enter the studio.

*Please do not use the ribbons that need  to be tied with the tap shoes. Any kind of elastic that will allow the student to slip the shoes on and off with as minimal help as possible is beneficial to everybody in the class.

PLEASE NOTE: After much discussion and analysis, I have decided to forgo the leotard requirement of past years for children starting at the age of  12.  

HOWEVER, my preference is still that every child wears a leotard.   Tank tops and jazz pants/leggings MUST be TIGHT and absolutely no PJ pants or baggy shirts will ever be allowed in class.  Hair must be pulled back in ponytails.