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Dance Classes Newton

All That Jazz Dance Studio offers a variety of dance classes in Newton for all ages and abilities, from toddlers’ creative movement classes to high school advanced contemporary. Every student is encouraged to join in as we teach with a focus on ability and fun.

Students are placed in classes based on their age then based on their ability, with classifications including beginner, intermediate and advanced. This means students can begin to learn dance at any age.

You’ll find our Newton dance classes welcoming and encouraging as we aim to teach through positivity and support. Enroll for a FREE trial class to find out if the style you have chosen is suitable for your child. Click here to get started with a free class or view the various dance styles below.

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GROW WITH US! Early Childhood Dance Program

For ages 2-7

The GROW WITH US! program at All That Jazz Dance Studio is a set of age-based classes designed to help young movers discover the joy of dance as a creative outlet. As dancers grow in age, they also grow their knowledge and skill in preparation for the single-style classes in our EXPLORE WITH US! school age dance program at All That Jazz, taken at age 7 and above.

For more information, please refer to our special GROW WITH US! page!

Grow with Us Children's dance program at All That Jazz in Newton
Explore with Us school age dance program at All That Jazz in Newton

EXPLORE WITH US! School-Age Dance Program

For ages 7-11

Designed for elementary school students to further their exploration of and love for dance. Students continue to discover how and why they like to move while mastering foundational skills and vocabulary in tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical, and hip-hop. Students are strongly encouraged to take at least two classes in different styles.

As these students approach middle school, they have the opportunity to meet with Miss Deb to discuss different paths their dance journey might take. Whether they want to pursue dance as a career, enhance their love for musical theater and performance, build endurance and coordination as an athlete, or just join us each week because they love it, we’re here to help them grow with confidence that shines in and out of the studio.

SHINE WITH US! Middle and High School Dance Classes

For ages 11-18

Middle and high school classes are offered in a variety of styles with an emphasis on personal growth, peer camaraderie, performance and expression, and technical skills. Students also have the opportunity to become assistant teachers and grow their leadership skills.

Shine with Us middle and high school dance classes in Newton

Please see below for a complete listing of all our classes in our Shine With Us Middle and High School Dance Program:

All That Jazz dancers

A Little Bit of Everything

For middle and high school students

This special class is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for middle and high school students.  Designed specifically for those older dancers who have only ever focused on one dance technique, this class will give an overview of every style we teach at All That Jazz.

If your child took ballet when they were younger but now wants to try contemporary or jazz, this is the class for them!  If your child has only taken hip hop but is expressing interest in lyrical and tap, this is the class for them!  If your child is already enrolled in another class at All That Jazz but is curious about learning additional techniques, this is the class for them!

The class will decide as a group later in the fall which style they wish to focus on for the recital.  Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Classical Ballet

Learn one of dance’s most respected disciplines

Ballet is one of the world’s most beautiful and revered art forms. Children love building on a foundation of basic movements set to beautiful music as they grow their strength and abilities.

While it can be challenging at the higher levels, this traditional dance form is a pleasure to learn for all ages. Students who take ballet classes build self-control, body awareness and self discipline as they learn to master increasingly technical moves.

Dance Classes Newton
contemporary dance at All That Jazz in Newton


Expressive and fierce

Contemporary dance is rapidly becoming of the most popular styles of dance, not just at All That Jazz, but all over the world.  Contemporary combines many genres of dance, from classical ballet to lyrical to jazz to hip hop.

Dancers in these classes will learn self-expression, improvisation, and creativity – while simultaneously maintaining a strong focus on technique.

Hip Hop

Bust some moves on the floor

Hip Hop dance classes for kids at All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton are geared towards hip hop for the dancer, rather than hip hop as pure street funk.

Classes are very energetic and begin with a proper warm-up, including stretches and conditioning, followed by short combinations across the floor and always finishing with a fun and age appropriate kids dance combination.

hip hop house party recital dance
jazz dance logo of All That Jazz


Experience the energy of jazz

Jazz dance classes in our Newton studio always begin with an aerobic, age-appropriate warm-up, including stretches and some conditioning elements, followed by progressions across the floor and finishing with a combination that incorporates skills practiced during warm-up and across the floor.

Students learn many different genres of jazz dance, including musical theater, swing, funk and even a little bit of hip hop.


Dance styles combined = fun

This class is a combination of jazz, hip-hop, and swing dancing. Lively music and up-beat moves dominate this unique and aerobically challenging class.

In a typical class, students will learn partner swing dancing as well as proper jazz technique across the floor and finish with an energetic center combination.

jazzswing at All That Jazz recital
lyrical recital dance


Free and flowing

This class is geared towards dancers who wish to take their dance technique to the next level. Lyrical dance takes the best of ballet and jazz and combines them in one beautiful, flowing and emotional art form.

Students learn how to tell a story through their movements, while learning techniques made famous by Alvin Ailey and other modern day dance choreographers and innovators.

Musical Theater

For those who love to perform

Our fabulous musical theater program expands all ages and levels.  Musical Theater Triple Threat is for older students who are seriously involved in musical theater but have less dance experience can attend these special dance classes for kids. Students will focus on the many aspects of musical theater; e.g. auditioning techniques, singing and dancing simultaneously, tap dancing, acting, and many other aspects that go into becoming a “triple threat” on stage.

There are a variety of Musical Theater Jazz and Tap classes for all dancers who are looking to express themselves creatively on stage.  Proper dance technique is combined with fun acting games and improv exercises in every class.


musical theater Prom recital dance
Dance Classes Newton


For ballet-lovers

Pointe and Pre-Pointe classes are offered by permission only for students with significant ballet experience. This half hour class is designed to be taken in conjunction with one of the other purely ballet classes.


Feel the beat and the rhythm

Tap classes focus on both rhythm tap and musical theater style tap. A capella rhythms are taught in most classes, followed by technical progressions across the floor and finishing with a fun and rhythmically challenging combination.

tap dance at All That Jazz recital

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