Dance Class Schedule 2017-2018

Monday, Studio 1

9:30-10:15- Creat. Movement (2-3 yr)
10:15-11:00- Pre-Ballet/Tap (3-4 yr)
3:30-4:30- (I) Hip Hop/Jazz (3rd-5th)
4:30-5:30- (I) Contemp./Jazz (5th-6th)
5:30-6:30- (I) Hip Hop (5th-6th) CLOSED
6:30-7:30- (AI) Hip Hop (7th-9th) CLOSED
7:30-8:30- (AI) Contemporary (6th-8th)
8:30-9:30- (A) Hip Hop (10th-12th) CLOSED

Monday, Studio 2

3:30-4:30- Broadway Babies (4-6 yr)
4:30-5:30- (I) Ballet/Tap (3rd-5th)
5:30-6:30- (I) Modern/Lyrical (6th-8th) CLOSED
6:30-7:30- (B) Jazz (6th-8th)
7:30-8:30- (A) Lyrical (9th grade and up)

Tuesday, Studio 1

3:00-4:00- Pre-Ballet/Tap (3-4 yr)
4:00-5:00- (AB) Street Jazz (1st-3rd)
6:00-7:00- (I) Jazz (7th grade and up)
7:00-8:00- (A) Tap (10th-12th) CLOSED
8:00-9:00- (A) Jazz (10th-12th) CLOSED

Tuesday, Studio 2

9:30-10:15- Creative Movement (age 2)
10:15-11:00- Pre-Ballet/Tap (3-4 yr)
3:00-4:00- (AI) Ballet (6th-9th)
4:00-5:00- (I) Musical Theater Triple Threat (6th-9th)
5:00-6:00- (AB) Ballet (5th-7th)
6:00-7:00- (B) Musical Theater Triple Threat (5th-7th)
7:00-8:00- (AB) Tap (6th grade & up)

8:00-9:00- Adults Ballet/Tap/Jazz/Hip Hop 

Wednesday, Studio 1

3:30-5:00- (I) Contemporary/Tap/Jazz (3rd-5th)
5:00-7:00- (A) Jazz and Tap (7th-8th)
7:30-9:00- (A) Ballet/Pointe (9th grade and up)

Wednesday, Studio 2

4:00-5:00- (AB) Ballet/Tap (4-6 yr)
5:00-6:00- (AB) Ballet/Tap (1st-2nd)
6:00-7:00- (I) Ballet (8th grade and up)
7:00-7:30- Pre-Pointe/Pointe (8th grade and up)

Thursday, Studio 1

5:00-6:00- (I) Contemporary (7th-9th)
6:00-7:00- (AB) Hip Hop Fusion (6th grade and up)
7:00-8:00- (A) Modern/Lyrical (10th-12th)
8:00-9:00- (A) Jazz (10th-12th) 

Thursday, Studio 2

4:00-5:00- (I) Contemporary/Jazz (4th-6th)
5:00-6:00- (I) Hip Hop/Tap (4th-6th)
6:00-7:00- (AI) Hip Hop (7th-9th)
7:00-8:00- (I) Musical Theater/Tap (8th grade and up)

Friday, Studio 1

3:45-4:45- (AB) Ballet/Tap (K-2nd)
4:45-5:45- (AB) Jazz/Contemporary (5th-7th)
5:45-7:00- (A) JazzSwing/Lyrical (9th-12th)

Friday, Studio 2

Private Lessons

Saturday, Studio 1

10:00-11:00- (AB) Ballet/Jazz (2nd-4th)
11:00-12:00- (AB) Hip Hop/Tap (2nd-4th) CLOSED
1:00-2:00- (AI) Musical Theater/Jazz (10th-12th)
2:00-3:00- (A) Hip Hop (10th-12th)
3:00-4:00- (A) Contemporary (10th-12th)
4:00-5:00- (I) Hip Hop (5th-8th)

Saturday, Studio 2

9:00-9:45- Creative Movement (age 2) CLOSED
10:00-11:00- Pre-Ballet/Tap (3-4 yr)
11:00-12:00- (AB) Ballet/Tap (4-5 yr)
12:00-1:00- (I) Ballet/Tap (K-2nd)

Sunday, Studio 1

Birthday Parties!

Sunday, Studio 2

10:00-10:45- Creative Movement (age 2) *Please inquire if interested in this class time.  New class might start soon, if there are enough students!

10:45-11:30- Pre-Ballet/Tap (ages 3-4) CLOSED, No Make-Ups allowed
11:30-12:15- (AB) Hip Hop/Tap (K-1st)
12:15-1:00- (AB) Ballet/Tap (ages 4-6)

Dance Classes for Children (Kids) at All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton

Dance class schedule includes ballet, tap, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, pointe, musical theater, musical theater triple threat, modern, lyrical, creative movement, pre-ballet/tap, and fairy princess dance for kids.  Toddler and little kids dance classes, too!

Class Level Identifications


BEGINNER (B)- For the student who has never studied the particular dance technique.  

ADVANCED  BEGINNER (AB)- For the student who has had at least one year of classes in  the technique. The student should be familiar with the basic steps and  positions of the technique.  


INTERMEDIATE (I)- For the student who has had  at least two years of classes and is fairly proficient in the  technique. Knowledge goes beyond just the rudiments and the student  should be able to recall necessary positions and steps on his/her own.

ADVANCED  INTERMEDIATE (AI)- For the student who has been dancing for a number of  years and is very proficient in the technique. These classes are  especially geared towards those students who are younger but who have a  lot of experience. 


ADVANCED (A)- Dance classes for the student who has been dancing for several years. Primarily aimed at middle and high school students, these classes are available by permission only.  Quality dance training in all of our kids dance classes.