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Class Descriptions: (dance classes for kids ages 2 and up in Newton!)

Dance for children ages 2 and up at All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton
Contemporary class with Miss Heather Myers

BROADWAY BABIES: For ages 4-6 years old.  This special kids dance class at All That Jazz Dance Studio will have it all!   Ballet, Tap AND Musical Theater Dance, all geared for the age-appropriate and level of these young, budding dancers.  Students will learn the technique of ballet and tap, but at the same time they  will also be introduced to the rudimentary basics of Broadway dance classes.  They even may be able to put on a very short musical theater  production mid-way through the year!  

CREATIVE  MOVEMENT: For 2-3 year olds. The fundamentals of ballet are taught here, but these toddler dance classes are still primarily focused on movement and dancing to lively age-appropriate music in Newton.

**** NEW CLASS!  FAIRYTALE BALLET:****  For ages 3-5.  Fairytale Ballet is a magical class that combines ballet with creative movement! Every class is based on favorite fairytales and stories throughout the year, including dress-up days, magic wands, crowns, and lots more!  This class is for all little ones who love royal princes, princesses, magic kingdoms and have a vivid imagination!  

HIP HOP: Hip Hop dance classes for kids at All That Jazz Dance Studio in Newton are geared towards hip hop for the dancer, rather than hip hop as pure street funk. Classes are very energetic and begin with a  proper warm-up, including stretches and conditioning, followed by short  combinations across the floor and always finishing with a fun and age appropriate kids dance combination.  


JAZZ:  Jazz classes always begin with an aerobic, age-appropriate warm-up,  including stretches and some conditioning elements, followed by  progressions across the floor and finishing with a combination that  incorporates skills practiced during warm-up and across the floor.  Students learn many different genres of jazz dance, including musical  theater, swing, funk and even a little bit of hip hop.  

JAZZSWING:  This class is a combination of jazz, hip-hop, and swing dancing. Lively  music and up-beat moves dominate this unique and aerobically  challenging class. In a typical class, students will learn partner swing  dancing, as well as proper jazz technique across the floor and finish  with an energetic center combination 

LYRICAL:   This class is geared towards dancers who wish to take their dance  technique to the next level.  Lyrical dance takes the best of ballet and  jazz and combines them in one beautiful, flowing and emotional art  form.  Much like traditional lyrical, this class will help students  learn how to tell a story through their movements.

Contemporary Class at All That Jazz in Newton for ages 10 and up

MODERN/LYRICAL:  This class concentrates on the technique of modern dance, with a particular focus on the Horton method, the technique made famous by Alvin Ailey.  This dance class in Newton has a Pilates-based warm-up interwoven with traditional modern dance moves, progressions across the floor that may involve actual floor-work, and lyrical (a blending of ballet and jazz dance classes) combinations at the end.

MUSICAL THEATER TRIPLE THREAT:  For middle and high school students who are  seriously involved in musical theater but have less dance experience, we have designed these special dance classes for kids.  Students will focus on the many aspects of musical theater; e.g., auditioning techniques, singing and  dancing simultaneously, tap dancing, acting, and many other aspects that go into becoming a "triple threat" on stage.

POINTE:  Pointe class is offered by permission only for students with significant ballet experience. This half hour class is designed to be taken in conjuction with one of the other purely ballet classes.

PRE-BALLET/TAP:  For 2-5 year olds. Children begin to learn more of the technique of ballet and rudimentary tap, while still having fun using creative dance props and playing some kids ballet dance games (for example, even our toddler dance classes still usually end with freeze dance). 

STREET JAZZ:  This class is an awesome combination of Hip Hop and Jazz.  For  the older students, this class will teach some of the fundamental  technique of jazz dance mixed with the exciting world of today's dance  pop culture.  This class promises to get students sweating, "lock and  popping," as well as pirouetting by years end!  For the younger  students, this class will also teach some of the fundamentals of jazz  dance, but we will mix those fundamentals with the fun moves of today's hottest artists.

TAP:  Tap classes focus on both rhythm tap and musical theater style tap. A capella rhythms are taught in most classes, followed by technical  progressions across the floor and finishing with a fun and rhythmically challenging combination.